My craving are dark, my cravings scare me.

They originate somewhere deep within me.

I lust for love, I crave affection.

I beg for connection, but only in my minds darkest section.

Cravings for perfection, cravings for attention.

Cravings to be normal, craving for no morals.

Missing the innocence of my younger thoughts,

though knowing innocence was never part of the plot.

Wanting freedom, growing up in a cage,

a cage I built to protect myself from the rage.

Rage of my parents, rage of my deep realizations.

Desires for a better life, a life in which your words are not a knife,

burrowing deep into my soul and carving out my depression and my sorrow.

I crave for compliments and approval, for you to love me without being brutal.

My cravings are darker than anyone knows.

Only you know what goes on down below.

Because you are me and I am you,

And we stick together through sunshine and blizzard snow.

With L♥ve,
Thoughtful Wanderer